The Solution

This Package will help you tone and firm all the problem areas you wish to focus on by using personalised fitness plans, meal plans tracking, accountability with a coach, VIP support community and a tracking app.

By focusing on your psychology, refined nutrition and results focused training working the whole body to reduce the size of your thighs, firm your butt and flatten your abs to target your stubborn areas and going the extra step you will see extremely fast results.

This Package includes

  • Free nutrition tracking app and Customized Nutrition Plans

  • Weekly check in form with your coach to keep you on track and focused!

  • Monthly Personalized Fitness Plans – weights, cardio & more for Each Day! NO Gym Membership required. Plus Video Exercise library as released

  • The 7 Day Raw Detox Program with shopping lists, recipes, meal planners

  • Accountability Session with your coach every 2 weeks over the phone or Skype to keep you on track, accountable and motivated. Plus we also design all your plans.

  • Your very own Coach & Fitness Expert committed to your personal results that you can message as needed

  • Become an athlete of the mind with our Mental Vitamins program to align values, stop self sabotaging habits, overcome doubts and fears, reframe limiting beliefs

  • Exclusive access to the Facebook VIP Online Health retreat with fitness professionals and other participants of the program for 24/7 support

  • Full Tracking with our networked app to monitor your nutrition & training

  • Regular re-assessments including photos, weight & measurements

  • Ongoing Facebook support, motivation and accountability

  • Access to all our VIP Videos, events, webinars, recipes and more


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